Marko Hämäläinen: Still-photos from movies which do not exist

”I am Travis, I came to desert from nowhere. Expression of seeking on my face, like a child. Hawk is gliding towards a rocky cliff. I sleep in a stone cave with Nansen. Piercing coldness is making my limbs stiff. Snowflakes are floating, they look the same as a snow globe from my childhood. I broke it, just to find out if there was winter really inside. I wake up in a tent, put on my pillow jacket and crawl outside; sleepy cosmonaut in the middle of a vast snowy desert. Some lonely animal has crossed that white field during the night”.

In ”Still photos from movies which do not exist” –
exhibition Marko Hämäläinen is using the curious sights from his childhood. As an artist he is interested in imagination as a power for positive changes. In Hämäläinen's pictures, fantasy- and dream-world portray arctic nature and its existence, yet all the situations in photos and videos are real and not manipulated.

Marko Hämäläinen is known for his documentary photography. Lately he has concentrated on photographing nature, arctic sceneries and mysterious lives of plants. His first authored book ”Silence moves with the wind” was one of the finalists in ” The Artbook of the Year” – competition.