Get to know Nykyaika from the link above and roll the camera around from floor to ceiling. The photographs are taken in January 2016 from the exhibition of Lasse Lecklin. VirtualTampere shooting: Jouni Kiiskinen, JJ-Net Group Oy.

ARTIST, download floorplan here (not in proportion):

* Floor plan and measurements of gallery at street level: Galleria – Katutaso

* Floor plan and measurements of studio: Galleria – Alakerta


At the street level gallery the walls are made of stone and MDF: the artwork is hanged with screws or nails.

In the downstairs studio there are rails and hooks.

The equipment needed is provided at Nykyaika.

AV-technology at the gallery

Projector: Optoma HD50 Full HD 3D (recommended format mp4, mov)

Multimediaplayer: WD TV

Speakers: Jamo P 404

Earphones: AKG K 273 Pro

Monitor: Sony KDL-50W809C

There are stands for the monitor and projector.

Gallery lighting

Spotlights are available on both floors. Each spotlight has an ability to adjust the size and brightness of the light. In the spotlights (Sylvania Beacon Muse) the source of light is 26W led, temperature of the light 3000K (warm white).

On the street level gallery there are additionally so-called wallwashers (Erco Pantrac Lens wallwasher), where the source of light is 24W led, temperature 4000K (cold white).

Nykyaika_katutaso_näyttelyn Iiu Susiraja. Kuva: Marja-Liisa Torniainen.

Nykyaika_katutaso_näyttelynä Iiu Susiraja. Kuva: Marja-Liisa Torniainen.

Nykyaika_katutaso_näyttelyn Iiu Susiraja. Ovi kirjastoon. Kuva: Marja-Liisa Torniainen.