Jenny Albrecht & Samuli Arkko: Suuri persenäyttely

Nykyajan Studio 9.9.–9.10.2023

The starting point of Suuri persenäyttely (eng. The Grand Ass Exhibit) is that every ass is holy regardless of its size, consistency, age or story.

The Grand Ass Exhibit, along with the book that was created during the project, may be considered an ass-showing to the one-dimensional portrayals of asses as well as disfigured body images that at their worst lead to shame, envy, self-blame, regret, eating disorders, fitness lunacy or some other form of self-torture. But why? Because of an actual problem, or because of skewed body image? Maybe the problems associated with one's body and ass aren't actually about the body or the ass, but about the human mind. And it would suck ass if a person couldn't feel comfortable in their body, the one dwelling they occupy in their life-long journey. 

The Grand Ass Exhibit encourages you to love yourself and respect your body, however your ass or body may be.