About the association

Nykyaika is supported and maintained by Valokuvakeskus Nykyaika ry. The purpose of the association is to make known and expand photography as a form of artistic expression, advance its interaction with other fields of art, and connect photographers and other representatives of different art forms. The association has held photo exhibitions in Tampere since 1982. Nykyaika has been the regional photographic centre of Pirkanmaa since 1989.

To support its activity, the association may receive financial contributions, donations and wills, own movable and fixed assets necessary for its purposes, and enact fundraisers and raffles with the relevant permits. The association receives discretionary operating grants from Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the city of Tampere, with which the operations of the board of the association as well as exhibitions will be maintained. To cover the cost of projects, international events and other activities of the photographic centre, we apply for financial aid from the Ministry of Education and Culture, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, the city of Tampere, private foundations, and other sponsors and collaborative partners interested in supporting our work.

Rules of the association (pdf in Finnish)

General info

Photographic Centre Nykyaika ry works in the field of photography and media culture by uplifting photography as a form of artistic expression and visual communication, by promoting the interaction of photography with other fields of art, and by bringing together photographers and their audiences.

The activities of the association are based on regional and international cooperation, along with professional employees. Nykyaika was started in 1982 and has been a photographic centre since 1989. Nykyaika has organized international photo events since 1987.

Photographic Centre Nykyaika highlights its long-standing international collaborations. One of the most notable forms of these collaborations is the triennial Backlight festival, which is organized with local, national and international collaborative partners. Along with wide-ranging exhibitions, Backlight hosts Symposium, which consists of seminars and presentations, workshops for kids, young adults and professionals and students of photography, guided tours for guests, artist meets, and portfolio viewings of the guest artists.

The photographic centre hosts a gallery space and a reference library. We guide students, hobbyists and other groups with questions regarding photo culture and assist photographers with their own projects. The photographic centre maintains an informational bank of photographers in the area. The photographic centre aims to better the position of photographic art in publich art purchases.

Exhibition activities

As an expert of the photographic arts, Nykyaika emphasizes the importance of documentary photography, new and conceptual forms of photographic art, and its relationship with other fields of art. Along with exhibitions Nykyaika hosts additional events such as artist meets, seminars, private lectures and photo work shops according to its resources. We promote all kinds of photography culture and work as an informational bank in the field of photography.

Collaborative projects

We collaborate with photographic centres, galleries, private photo artists and all other possible parties from Finland and overseas to organize different kinds of exhibitions. We organize course activities according to our resources and the interest of possible participants in collaboration with different study centres.