Data protection practices

The EU's general data procection regulation (GDPR) came into effect on May 25th of 2018, and we have updated our policies to correspond those privacy settings. We will only use your email to inform you of events of the photographic centre, and we will not release it to third parties. You may view the updated data procection and privacy policies here:

  1. Data controller
    Valokuvakeskus Nykyaika
    Kauppakatu 14
    33210 Tampere
  2. Contact information in issues regarding privacy policy
    We will answer inquiries by email at We aim to answer all emails within three business days.
  3. Name of register
    Valokuvakeskus Nykyajan tiedotusrekisteri.
  4. The purpose of handling personal information
    The purpose of this register is to function as
    a register for invited guests for opening day celebrations at Photographic Centre Nykyaika
    and for events held at/by Nykyaika.
    Personal information will be handled in regards to informing
    about exhibitions in Photographic Centre Nykyaika and about others
    events open to the public.
  5. Information content of the register
    The invited guest register of Photographic Centre Nykyaika contains the following information:
    Contact information: address, email address
  6. Consistent sources of information and maintaining of information
    The information in the register is gained by:
    - the registered person by their request
    - in instances of cities, counties and other officials serving the public
    by work contacts found on websites (museums and other cultural institutes,
    art operators, art teachers, art societies and associations)
    - in the instance of collaborative efforts from collaborators
    - as a membership perk of being a supporting member of Photographic Centre Nykyaika
    - from members of the press, from websites and by the registered person's own request
    The information will be saved in the marketing register until the registered party
    inform they wish to be removed from the marketing register,
    or until information is found to be invalid/outdated.
  7. Regular disclosures of information
    Information will not be disclosed to third parties.
  8. Removing information
    Information may be removed from the register by the request of the owner of the address.
  9. Principles of register protection
    Information associated with the email list are held on the servers of our service provider, Gruppo.
  10. Personal data retention period
    We only store data for as long as it is necessary according to the
    purposes as dictated above and according to the relevant laws.
    Personal data will be manually removed by request
    of a person from all systems the information is stored on.
    tieto on tallennettuna.


There is a link provided at the end of emails sent through the Mailchimp service,
that allows for discontinuing of emails anytime.
We remove your information from our register once you cancel your subscription.

Changes in the privacy statement
We are constantly aiming to better our work and therefore reserve the right to change
this privacy statement. Changes made may also be due to changes in legislation.
We recommend you reacquaint yourself with the content of the privacy statement regularly.