Location and accessibility

How to visit photographic centre Nykyaika:

Located in the centre of Tampere, we are easily accessed by walking, biking, or public transportation. We're only a few minutes' walk from the Central Square and one block away from Hämeenpuisto, at Kauppakatu 14.

When traveling by car, be aware that Kauppakatu is a one-way street that starts from the direction of Hämeenpuisto. You can park on Kauppakatu for a fee. (Tariff in 2021: 15min 0,80 €; 30min 1,60 €; 1h 3,20 €.)


Photographic centre Nykyaika is located on two floors. The building is old valuable real estate and therefore not entirely accessible.

The street level of the gallery hosts one exhibition space and our reference library. The front door has two steps, on which we can place a ramp for accessibility by wheelchair or rollator. The width of the door is 80cm. The street-level floor has two low thresholds that can be crossed with assistive devices.

An alternative access to the Nykyaika premises, directly on the side of the library, is possible through the inner courtyard of the building, in which case the wheelchair or rollator must be lifted over one threshold, about 10 cm high. The door is 75cm wide. The gate leading to the inner courtyard is locked, so this route can only be used when a visit to Nykyaika is arranged in advance. The best time to go through the courtyard is on weekdays until around 3PM.

The street-level floor has a narrow toilet with a high threshold that cannot fit mobility aids or an assistant.The lower floor can only be accessed by stairs.

Opas-, avustaja- ja muutkin koirat ovat tervetulleita Nykyaikaan.