Open call

Applications for the Pet Show are open from 1 March to 14 April 2024

Open call for the Pet Exhibition at the Photographic Centre Nykyaika’s Studio in June (1.6.-1.7.2024).We are looking for images of furry, hairless or feathered animals in a funny, touching or surprising light. The call for entries is open to both amateurs and professionals and we also welcome children and young people to submit their work for the exhibition.

You can submit photos for the exhibition via an electronic form from 1 March to 14 April 2024. A maximum of five (5) images per application. Artists selected for the exhibition will be notified by April 30, 2024. The photos are delivered as files and are printed and hung up by Nykyaika.

Application form:

Open call for 2025 is open from April 3 to May 19

Photographic Centre Nykyaika is located in the centre of Tampere. Nykyaika has two exhibition spaces: a street-level Gallery and a Studio downstairs. The Studio will be smaller in 2025 when the space under the stairs will be used for other purposes. The future change is shown in the floor plan. pohjapiirros_alakerta.

Open call for exhibitions is held once a year, when you can apply for the following year's exhibition dates. The call is open to all professional photographers and video artists. Applications from working groups are also welcome.


Exhibition periods are applied with an electronic form and with an informal application that must include:

  • exhibition proposal 
  • 5-10 examples of pictures and/or videos (in case of videos, send a link to e.g. Vimeo)
  • resume 

Save the informal application as a PDF file in the format LastName_FirstName_NameOfExhibition, using your information, and attach it to the electronic from. Maximum size of the PDF file is 4MB.

Applications that arrive past the due date are not taken into account.

We wish that each applicant suggests some additional programme related to their exhibition. Through this we hope to bring audiences and artists closer together. The programme can be e.g. a workshop, artist meeting, demonstration of the artist’s working methods or an excursion to take photographs. Applicants can make programme suggestions based on what best suits their style of working and personality. The event held can be targeted for large audiences or for a small group. Gallery staff can help with the planning and implementation of the programme if needed.

Exhibitions are chosen by the board of Nykyaika.


Photographic Centre Nykyaika is located at Kauppakatu 14 in the city centre of Tampere. The real estate where the gallery is situated is over a hundred years old.

The spaces for holding exhibitions are on two floors. You can apply for one or both.

  • Gallery at street level: Right at the main entrance. Space has large windows, through which you can see the high exhibition space from the street. The floor of the space is about 48 m2 and the walls are about 90 m2 with 19 linear meters. The space can not be blacked out.
  • Alakerran Studio: Näyttelytilan pinta-ala on noin 28 m2. Alakertaan johtaa portaikko (ei hissiä). Tilassa ei ole ikkunoita. Käytössä on haluttaessa vaijeriripustus.

The floor plan, pictures of the exhibition spaces and a 360 degree virtual tour of the gallery, as well as additional information about the techinical equipment can be found on this page.

Exhibitions at Nykyaika are free of charge for visitors. In addition to gallery activity, Nykyaika also hosts a reference library for the public and has an office, storage and social space for the association. The estate was built in 1926 and it is not completely accessible for people using a walker or a wheelchair. There are two steps to climb from street level to the main door and the downstairs space is only accessible via a staircase.

Exhibition period

Näyttelyaika on noin 4 viikkoa. Näyttelyn rakennusaika on torstaista perjantaihin, avajaiset pidetään perjantai-iltana ja näyttely puretaan näyttelyajan päätyttyä tiistaina. Tarkat ajankohdat määritellään näyttelysopimuksessa.


Having an exhibition at Nykyaika is free of charge for the artist.

The services provided by the gallery:

  • Renting and supervising the gallery space
  • Designing and printing the exhibition poster as well as distributing it to nearby areas
  • Sending a press release and an electronic invitation about the vernissage via Nykyaika’s mailing lists
  • Composing a statement about the exhibition and a catalogue of the art works together with the artist
  • Informing public about the exhibition through gallery’s web page, social media and local event calenders
  • Designing, printing and posting a seasonal exhibition leaflet
  • Assisting the artist when setting up and taking down the exhibition if needed
  • Providing commonly used equipment for setting up exhibition
  • Selling art works and other material related to the exhibition (25% comission fee)

Responsibilities of the artist:

  • Providing the gallery with press material
  • Transportation of the art works and covering the insurance for them during the exhibition
  • Setting up and taking down the exhibition and leaving the space clean afterwards
  • Covering the cost of travel and accomodation for oneself and possible assistants
  • Providing snacks and drinks at the vernissage
  • Oheisohjelman järjestämisestä (vapaaehtoinen)
  • Covering the cost of rented equipment. If the space is altered when setting up the exhibition e.g. painted, the artist is responsible for restoring the space as it was and covering the cost of doing so