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Gallery assistant entitled to pay subsidy

Job consists of e.g. supervising exhibits, customer service, participating in putting up and taking down exhibitions, general office tasks and cleaning the space. Knowledge of the arts and education in the cultural sector are seen as advantages. 


The person chosen for the job must be entitled to 100% pay subsidy granted for non-profit associations. Please check your situation with TE services before applying. Right to pay subsidy granted by TE services is required in order to be hired as a gallery assistant. An excited and active approach to working, good social skills and a customer service spirit are seen as advantageous for the applicant.  

We appreciate responsibility, ability to take initiative and collaborate, good organizational skills, and flexibility. Language and visual skills will help in being successful at the job.  


Työaika 25 h/vko, työ tehdään pääsääntöisesti gallerian aukioloaikoina ma-pe 12-18, la-su 12-16. Työpaikan sijainti: Nykyaika, Kauppakatu 14, Tampere. Työ on määräaikainen.


Send a free-form application via email to director.nykyaika(at) 

Lisätietoja arkipäivisin: toiminnanjohtaja Terhi Asumaniemi puh. 050 512 6911. 


Are you a student in need of an internship? Students of the culture sector, trainees of the travel industry, people interested in marketing... In a small organization you get to execute your own ideas: people active and rich in ideas are welcome! Contact us and let us know your idea.

Or are you thinking of changing careers or vocations? Through TE services you can also apply for a job trial with us.


Do you have a lot of spare time, and wish to do something new every now and then? Would you like to help for a few hours or on a couple of days? Or do you have something else in mind - your own project, to which you'd like a partner? Volunteering may be physically active such as delivering posters around the city, helping during opening night, technical work related to building or taking down exhibitions, or translator work (for our website, for example). Or something else - what would you like or know how to do? Tell us!

Go ahead and contact us and tell us how you'd like to participate!

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